Why Vote?


Many people believe that their vote does not count.  I also once believed that, but after doing some research, I came to the understanding just how important each vote is.  I found that we have a little over 22,000 voters in Wabash County, Indiana. Of those voters, only about 25 percent showed up four years ago for primary voting. Therefore, every vote counts for you and 3 other voters that forgo their right to vote.  The state of Indiana is rated 40th in voter turnout, with only a 19 percent voter turnout in the entire state. That increases the power of your vote even more!

While knocking on doors for my County Council campaign, I’ve also come to realize that for every door I knock on there seems to be 10 that I don’t. This means that either they are not registered or they are registered under another party. Knowing the demographics of our area, it’s pretty safe to assume that a good majority just aren’t registered. This is unsettling. 

We live in a representative republic. As a citizen of the United States, we are given the privilege to participate in the process of selecting our leaders.  It’s not just a right, it’s a responsibility. The future of our nation is in our hands. The apathy of the American people has placed us into the situation we are in now. It has allowed a select few to have too much control and with that control, they have systematically removed more and more power from the people. 

I talk to many people that say, “I just don’t like politics,” or “I know nothing about politics.”  They choose to stay uneducated and uninvolved because they don’t think it matters, but I assure you, it does. The future our children will have, their opportunities, their ability to thrive and survive, are directly related to how we vote right now. Our country did not get into the financial and moral mess it’s in overnight. It is a result of years of apathetic non-voters and uneducated voters who have allowed corrupt and unaccountable politicians to remove the American Dream one brick at a time. Now we are standing around looking at each other and wondering how it happened, what we can do to stop it, and how to begin to reverse the damage. 

It starts with you.  It starts with one educated vote.

It’s going to be a long road back, but it’s worth the fight.  It’s worth the blood, sweat, and tears it will take to preserve this once great nation for generations to come.

If you live in Indiana and you are not currently registered to vote, the process is easy.  Contact your local clerk’s office or register online at www.indianavotes.com

You must be registered by April 4th.  If you will be 18 years of age by the November 8th election, you may still register to vote and are eligible to vote in the May 3rd Primary. 

Early and absentee voting opens April 5th.

Exercise your right to vote, future generations are counting on you!

Lorissa Sweet

Candidate for Wabash County Council At Large