God Can’t Fix This

GOD CAN’T FIX THIS…the headlines read after another mass shooting.  As I’ve watched the news the last few days reporting on this atrocity, I find myself yelling back at the TV as I listen to the stupidity of the reporting.  Phrases from “experts” like, “In all my years of study, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”  This is referring to a husband and wife killing team and the fact that they left their 6 month old baby to go commit this crime.  These are terrorist, people!!!  This is radical Islam!  These people don’t care about the cost of lives; theirs, their children’s, or anyone else’s for that matter.  Life has no value to them.  They sell their children for sex; it is widely accepted that their boys are used as sex toys among men.  They strap bombs to their kids’ chests and send them into their enemy’s convoy.  What part of this is surprising?  These are a godless people, with no other desire than to kill every person who does not believe in Allah.  Hate is their soul motivation.  There’s nothing to explain or conjecture.  It is what it is.  These people are controlled by the evil ruler of this world and his demons.




GOD IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN FIX THIS!  And not just this tragedy…HE IS THE ANSWER for all the evil, corruption, lies, killing, deception, anger, hate, lust, and the list of wrongs in our world goes on and on.


In the beginning, God…in the end, God.  Everything in between…God.


God created the heavens and the earth; everything that is on it, in it, lives, breathes, grows…God.

(Gen. 1:1)

God created man…God. (Gen. 1:27)

God saw man needed a companion, He created woman…God. (Gen. 2:20-23)

God joined man and woman and created marriage…God. (Gen. 2:24)

God saw all that He had made and it was very good…God. (Gen. 1:31)

God told them to be fruitful and multiply, so God created sex for procreation…God. (Gen. 1:28)

God knit us together in our mother’s womb and knew us before the foundations of the earth. He created babies who are known even before conception…God. (Ps. 139:13, Eph. 1:4)

God sent His only Son as a ransom for our sins, because we messed up His perfect creation…God.

(1 Peter 1:20)

God’s Son, Jesus, came in the form of man, yet was fully God and never sinned even though tempted and tortured in all ways known to man…God. (Heb. 4:15)

God’s Son died a torturous death, on a cross, to pay for the sins of all.  He died, went to hell, took the keys of death and Hades…God. (Rev. 1:18)

God’s Son ascended to heaven to prepare a place for those who love and follow Him and intercedes on their behalf before the Father…God. (Heb. 4:14, John 14:3, Heb. 7:25)

God will send His Son again to reclaim His own and bring judgment to all who have denied Him among the living, the dead, and the spiritual beings who now roam this earth…God. (John 6:44, 1 Peter 4:5, Acts 10:42, Rev. 20:7-15)


God is life. (Rom. 6:23, 1 John 5:11-12)

God is love. (1 John 4:8)

God is peace. (Phil. 4:7, John 14:27)

God is light. (1 John 1:5, John 8:12)

God is creator. (Gen. 1:1, Nehemiah 9:6, Rev. 4:11)

God is healer. (Deut. 7:15, Matt. 8:16-17, Mark 6:56)

God is salvation. (John 3:16)

God is provider. (Matt. 6:31-32, Phil. 4:19

God is sustainer. (Col. 1:17, Heb. 1:3)

God is all knowing. (1 Cor. 2:10-11, Isaiah 40:13-14, Romans 11:33-34)

God is all powerful. (Matt. 19:26, Jer. 10:12)

God is good. (Ps. 100:5, Ps. 136:1)

God is sovereign. (Ps. 115:3, Proverbs 16:9, Rom. 8:28)

God is judge. (James 4:12, Ps. 75:7, Rev. 20:11-15)

God is beginning and end. (Rev. 22:13, Isaiah 46:10)

God is I AM. (Exodus 3:14, Jer. 32:27)



Without God there is nothing.  There are no answers.  So…tell me again how “God can’t fix this.”  Do you have a better idea?



Where Were You When They Took Our Freedom?

Where were you

Are you a Christian?  I don’t mean the “Ya, I believe in God” or the “Ya, I go to church” Christian.  I mean a true, Bible believing, I live my life for Christ and I stand on His promises-type Christian.  I want to know…where are the Christians?  If you are a true Christian, do you feel it?  Do you feel the shift in the atmosphere?   Do you feel the shift in society, our state, our nation and our world?  Do you feel the great divide that is happening?  I do!  With all of my being I feel it!  And as I talk to other true believers, they feel it too.  It’s scary and it’s invigorating.  Some days it’s downright discouraging and other days it fills me with hope and expectation.

In Matthew 25:31-46, it talks about the final judgment when the Son of Man comes to judge the inhabitants of this world.

Verses 32 and 33 say, “Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.  And he will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on his left.”

I know these verses are talking about the end of times, but I’m seeing evidence of this happening right now.  All you have to do is look around, pay attention and you can see that our world is spinning out of control.  The news is filled with stories of wars both abroad and at home.  Some of those wars are taking place right in our homes.  Especially here in America, this once great nation, founded on the principles of the Bible, is crumbling at the foundation.  Where once the Bible was the ultimate authority on everything; laws, rulings, marriage, and life; now it’s the voice that screams the loudest, no matter how wrong they are.  It is these things that are being debated that are now separating the sheep from the goats.

It is not my place to judge how you stand on the issue of religious freedom, marriage, abortion, refugees, war, education, taxes, and the list goes on.  It is God’s place to judge where you stand on them.  His Word is very clear.  There are no mistakes, it is infallible.  There is no room for new translations that skew the Truth to be what you want it to be.  Personally, this is where I base my judgment.  It’s not my opinion, it’s God’s Truth, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the final Word.  There’s no room for compromise.  And here is where we separate the sheep from the goats.

Again, I ask…where are the Christians?  There is a remnant.  I talk to some of them almost daily.  There are still those who see the crisis of this world and are willing to stand against the tide and not just apathetically sit in the church pews on Sunday.  I think people have the wrong view of Christ in the Bible.  I think they see Him as passive and weak.  He was anything but!  If you look real closely, Jesus picked His battles.  The only battles He backed away from were personal attacks.  He did not feel the need to defend Who He was, but what He did defend was His Father, the principles for which the Father sent Him to earth and the people who could not defend themselves.  Therefore, I believe we must do the same.  We must fight for the things of the Father, which are written in His Word and for those who can’t defend themselves.  It’s not a fight of hate.  Jesus offended a lot of people, not out of hate, but out of love.

My daughter asked me the other day, “My friend wants to know, if we are Christians, aren’t we supposed to love everyone.  And if so, what’s the big deal about baking a cake?”  I love that she is asking that question.  Jesus often answered questions with a question, so I did the same.  “If you were doing something that was wrong, bad for you, or was causing you injury, would you want me to support you in doing that and or help you stop?  For instance, if I knew you were having sex with your boyfriend (which we do not support, based on our Biblical beliefs), would it be right for me to invite him over and send you both to your bedroom?”  Of course her answer was, “NO!”  This is my point exactly.  We continued to talk about how I give her limits and step in and say “no” when she is doing things she shouldn’t because I love her.

We love people, therefore we don’t participate in things that support or condone destructive, sinful behavior.  It’s really that simple.

A time has come where the sheep and goats are being separated.  There’s no longer time for lukewarm Christianity.  There’s no longer time for pew sitting when the doors are open at the church and living as the world the rest of the week.  There used to be a saying, “Get off the porch or stay home.”  My sentiment is “get out of the pew or stay home!”  I’m not saying that going to church is bad, please hear me.  We need to continue to gather together for love and support and to hear the Word of God.  What I’m saying is… if that is all you are doing, what good are you for the Kingdom?  Maybe that sounds harsh, but the lost are not coming into the church buildings.  The battles for the foundations of our nation, built on the Word of God are not being fought in the pews.  The battle for the lives of the unborn and now the incapacitated won’t be won by sitting in the four walls of a church.

It’s time for Christians to go to the battle front.  The time for apathy and ignorance is over.  It is far too costly.  It’s cost us prayer in schools, it’s cost the lives of millions of unborn babies, it has cost the sanctity of marriage, it has cost the Word of God being taken from the halls of government.  Should I go on?  Right now, it’s costing us religious freedom.  What does that look like?  It means that Christian business owners lose their businesses, our daughters are subjected to boys in their locker room showers and bathrooms, Christians in political offices are removed from their positions or arrested, Christian agencies are forced to go against their Christian beliefs or close, and again, the list goes on.  We can’t fight these battles from the pews.

God has given us the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions(Luke 10:19), not hide in the pews.  Why are we not using it???

“What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?” -Romans 8:31

Please Christians…wake up!  Stand up!  Suit up with the armor of God!  The battle is raging on all fronts.  The battle cry has been sounded!  Where are the Christian soldiers?  Where are the prayer warriors?  Where are the children of God who are willing to stand on the Word of God and not back down?  We need YOU!  I need YOU!  There is power in unity of the body.  This battle is not about you and me.  It’s about the generation we are raising and the generations to come.  If we lose these battles, these children will grow up in a very different world than we did.  They will not be able to live out their faith in the public square, they will not be able to stand up for their faith without persecution, and their rights will be stripped before they ever even had them.

When they ask, “Where were you when they took our freedom?” what will you say?

I see evidence daily that Christ is coming soon.  My very being longs for His return, but if He should tarry, my heart breaks for the world that will be left, if we don’t act now.  Souls are at stake.  Our time is short; we must be living out our faith in real practical ways, not cowering in the pews until His return.  How will He find you?  If you say you are a Christian, yet you don’t see the urgency, might I suggest you may be a sheep following the wrong shepherd?  If that’s not the case…you may just be a goat!

Following His Lead,